Alba Nova 1

Located in Corsica, in the Pinia domain, ALBA NOVA 1 is the largest utility-scale solar thermal power plant in France. The plant is equipped with Solar Euromed's innovative Linear Fresnel solar CSP technology and its location has been identified and selected as an ideal locations with one of the highest direct solar irradiance in France. The project aggregates a complete set of multidisciplinary competencies, providing to the project both national and international expertise.

The ALBA NOVA 1 project covers the development, construction, financing and operations of a large scale CSP power plant located in Ghisonaccia (Corsica) using an innovative technology (linear Fresnel reflectors) featuring thermal energy storage.

Involvement of major players in the project

Corsican Local Authority: ALBA NOVA 1 obtained unanimous vote from the Corsican Local Authority as part of renewable energy development in Corsica. In this context, the project was subject to a meticulous examination by the Corsican Local Authorities’ services, and obtained a grade of 16.5/20 (Ed.: criteria of the Corsican Parliament framework of reference). This excellent evaluation is a proof of the complete compatibility of the ALBA NOVA 1 project with the expectations of the Corsican Local Authorities and its Corsican economic development agency.

Construction: the EPC turnkey contract was awarded to Habtoor Leighton Specon (HLS) group, a specialized construction company having an extensive experience in projects related to infrastructure and energy. HLS employs 5,000 people and offers its services in the energy, construction and industrial fields. The construction contractor guarantees the power plant annual production.

Offtake Agreement: a contractual 20-year feed-in tariff was obtained from Electricité de France (EDF) on a competitive basis through a national tender launched in 2012 by the French Regulatory Commission of Energy, with the support of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (French public sovereign fund).


Localisation Ghisonaccia, Corsica
Solar Resource > 1780 kWh/m²/an
Puissance 12 MW
Generation Equivalent to the consumption of 10000 inhabitants per year
EPC Contractor

Habtoor Leighton Specon

Technology Provider

 Solar Euromed innovative Linear Fresnel technology

Solar Resource

The project site is located in Corsica in the Pinia domain in the Ghisonaccia commune. The site has one of the highest direct normal solar irradiance (DNI) of France (>1,780 kWh/m²/year). A dedicated Meteorological station is operational at site since 2009.


ALBA NOVA 1 is based on concentrated solar power (CSP) technology. CSP plants concentrate sunrays in order to heat a high-temperature fluid. This heat is transformed into mechanical energy (using a tubine or an alternator) and then converted into electricity. The first CSP plants have emerged in the 1980’s in the United States. This proven technology is currently witnessing a strong demand growth in regions having high DNI levels. CSP actually represents an optimal technology for mid-scale to large-scale projects  thanks to a reliable and controllable power generation.

Linear Fresnel (LRF) technology uses long and narrow segments of mirror that pivot to reflect the sunlight onto a fixed absorber tube located at the common focal line of the reflectors. The secondary reflector enables to have a higher heat flux and homogeneous heating of the absorber tube which can generate temperatures up to 500°C.

Advantages of LINEAR FRESNEL technology

  • Fresnel system requires flat or less-shaped mirrors than the other CSP systems; flat mirrors are cheaper and can bent on site.
  • Fresnel plants facilitate direct steam generation, i.e. use of water within the receiver instead of a heat transfer fluid which is toxic and flaming, thus eliminating the need for costly heat transfer fluids and heat exchangers. This technology is consequently cheaper to implement and allows for a strong construction modularity. 
  • Operations and maintenance are easy, hence, the associated costs are moderate.
  • The Fresnel technology has CSP’s best land-to-electricity ratio due to a compact design and the usability of space below support structure.